11 May 2021

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

~ William Henry Davies (Leisure)

We have forgotten how to be still. We have no time to watch the ripples of the stream and peer under the translucent water to watch tiny fish swarming and swimming by. We do not watch the shapes of the leaves or the sparrow flitting from one branch to another or the squirrel furiously digging away to bury an acorn underground. We do not watch the sky turn bright blue from dusty violet with the rising of the sun.

Tiny yellow flowers spurt from amongst the grass but we do not have time to tread carefully so as not to step on them; no time to watch a bird bath in the stream and preen its feathers, basking in sunlight. Did you know that drying itself in this manner has actual physical benefits for a bird? I didn’t either. I found out only when I Googled “why don’t birds need towels?”. Ah yes, there’s the technology again, but could I not have avoided it? It would make no difference to the bird, certainly.

The buzz of this phone , the notifications on this computer, the constant catching up of technology and things to learn and improve upon. The hedonistic treadmill. I would prefer reverting to a flip phone, if only it would provide me the option of having Google Maps so I wouldn’t get lost here and there. I had a better attention span when most of my life and work didn’t revolve around computers, when books were my primary source of education and entertainment.

How does one balance both worlds, seamlessly moving from one to the other by availing the benefits of both?

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