Reading 'A Velocity of Being'

03 May 2021

“A Velocity of Being - Letters to a Young Reader”. Even though this book positions itself to a younger audience through its title, it’s quite readable for a person of any age. This book captures everything I think and love about reading, and perhaps more, with different people weighing in on what reading means to them personally.

Here are a few quotes I really enjoyed from this book:

You see, here’s the thing: even at their worst, books won’t abandon you. If they make you cry it’s only because they are that good. You can depend on books. They will always be there for you. Their patience is infinite and they have been known to save lives. They can help you become a smarter, more interesting person

~ Debbie Millman

Books let us be like trees, don’t you think? Seeing beyond the span of our own lives, reaching high into the sunlight and deep into the dark fertile soil of imagination. They let us play in their branches or dream in a hammock. If we’re lucky our minds will widen with every volume, like growth rings of wisdom. And books attract more books, more ideas- like bright singing birds flocking to a tree of knowledge .

~ Robin wall Kimmerer

1400 years ago in the deserts of Arabia, a mediative prophet named Mohammed had a vision of the Angel Gabriel who came to him with a message: “Read…. This was the first word of the Quran.

In the years following the prophet’s death, his followers built an empire where they contributed to every branch of knowledge, from algebra to optics and medicine to music. Countless things we have today would not exist without their contributions; that includes space stations, glasses, aspirin, your iPad.

They were able to do this because they were inspired to seek out the power that comes with being able to read. You deserve the same power, to have your your imagination unleashed and be carried across the galaxy in the space of a sentence. Read ! Whether your path is to build an empire or to find the lifelong companionship of music, every path is possible with that power. It all begins with one word; the same word that was delivered to an ancient prophet on the wings of an archangel.

~ Mohammed Fairouz

I encourage you to not let the questions that move you go unanswered. Cherish your curiosity. It is your questions that will shape you.

~ David Delgado

If you love to read, or learn to love reading, you will have an amazing life. Period. Life will always have hardships, pressure, and incredibly annoying people, but books will make it all worthwhile. In books, you will find your North Star, and you will find you, which is why you are here.

Books are paper ships, to all the worlds, to ancient Egypt, outer space, eternity, into the childhood of your favorite musician, and — the most precious stunning journey of all — into your own heart, your own family, your own history and future and body.

Out of these flat almost two-dimensional boxes of paper will spring mountains, lions, concerts, galaxies, heroes. You will meet people who have been all but destroyed, who have risen up and will bring you with them. Books and stories are medicine, plaster casts for broken lives and hearts, slings for weakened spirits. And in reading, you will laugh harder than you ever imagined laughing, and this will be magic, heaven, and salvation. I promise.

~ Anne Lamott

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