10 Feb 2021

One of these days, when the snow falls fiercely and softly, I look out of the glass doors down the winding paths leading to nothingness and am reminded of fairytales I stopped reading. The night falls free and fast, the darkness engulfs me while I watch safely from the comfort of my home, the world noiseless and asleep. The snow-covered trees remind me of Little Red Riding Hood braving into the woods, and the grounds covered with fresh snow resemble the unknown.

Snow accumulates on the barren trees, lining their branches like finely crafted jewelry. The trees that still have leaves on them adorn their heads with white. The light-stands in the courtyard flicker a bright yellow, and in the yellow I see clumps of snow crisscrossing like crickets rushing towards the light.

I wonder where the ducks go at night, when the water of the stream is viscous in the chilly weather. The roads are empty too, abandoned cars covered with icicles.

Where do these memories come from, linked by common themes, appearing like swirls in a snowstorm when you least expect them? For I remember things from many years ago. Slipping on ice amid the crazy Montreal weather while running to a class and the people behind me stopping by to ask. The girl asks if I'm ok and the boy asks if the samosas are ok and I laugh, the samosas I am clutching being my first concern too, before stopping to think if I am hurt. I remember waking up in my dorm room from the sunlight piercing through the blinds on a bright beautiful morning full of hope for the future, and watching it snow. I remember looking through the same dorm room window to watch a "Happy Birthday!" wish for another student in the building written in snow, and thinking what a wonderful idea it was. All of these, and more, winter memories consolidate into my mind, one after another.

Tomorrow the snow will turn to slush and mud (or worse, slippery ice) and soak people's shoes; but today, today, the snow is pristine and untrodden, and I watch from my apartment in Waterloo while nature runs amok and the world disappears in a pile of white.

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